The Lost Doll: Escape Room

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Have you ever played the game like 1000 doors? If yes, you already know that this is an educational puzzle game where you need to find and use different things to achieve goals. And sometimes you even have to solve interesting and exciting puzzles. And if you have never played 1000 doors, you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with it right now. Our free educational puzzle games for boys and girls are renewed with an interesting novelty. We present our NEW game Hippo and 1000 doors!

And now a bit of information what it is about. In fact, this game is a dynamic game of type “”escape room’’. Here you need to search for items and solve logic puzzles. But all these puzzles are not in one room, they are scattered across many small rooms. The player’s task is always the same: to solve the secret that this room hides and go through the door into the next room with new exciting puzzles.

But what is the difference between the game Hippo and 1000 doors and other games of this type? Of course our game is focused on all the family members, as well on the smallest explorers and also on their adults. Because child’s entertainment and development is the goal of all our products, the most massive products are developing free logic family games.

So, are you ready for a NEW adventure? Then let`s go in an exciting journey through all the rooms of a large grandmother’s house with our beloved Hippo and her brother Ji. We have to overcome a long way and go from the back yard to the last room of the attic and find the favorite toy of mother Hippo. We are waiting for interesting puzzles and funny situations, in which our heroes get into. Stay stubborn and curious, and the doors of all the rooms of grandmother’s house will open.

This new product, as well as all our games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free! Stay with us, stay tuned and spend time with joy playing with children our free educational logic games.