Ad Income in Games

CAS.AI SDK is fully integrated with all major ad networks. We tested CAS.AI on thousands of apps, and it performed beyond expectations, leading to a significant 30-150% increase in ad earnings.

Advantages of Clever Ads Solutions

Simple ad networks integration to your app. No need to register,
integrate, support, control & manage every network separately. We provide one SDK, one account & one dashboard.

What Do We Have?

Our hybrid model combining bidding and waterfalls proficiently interacts with major ad networks including AdMob, Meta Audience Network, Applovin, IronSource, Unity Ads, and many more.

Ad Types

CAS.AI pick the most profitable ads. Оur robot processes 1M+ requests per second! Due to this, CAS.AI finds and receives the maximum possible price of advertising for each impression.


We use an individual approach to every client. We are interested in long term partnership. We also fulfil additional customers` requests: preparation of custom contracts, monthly invoicing, structuring payments, etc.

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