Rockstar: Baby Band

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Everybody, even once in life, has dreamed to be a rock star. There is nothing better thanto gather a full stadium of fans and to perform your songs and amazing hits. What about going on a world tour and giving a breath-taking concert in a big city? Music can make everybody a world-famous star. But it is not so easy to become a star. You need to work very hardto make your music band successful. But in the end, you will definitely be at the Walk of Fame. It is time to prove that you are a real rock star!

Free educational games for boys and girls are renewed with a very big party game! Hippy hasnow its own music band. And what should we do, you could ask. First of all let’s to go to the Uncle Elvis Shop. Here we can buy stylish clothes and musical instruments for all the Hippo family members. But it is not only Dress Up game. Our Hippy is a manager and a rock star at once! Help her to make her Hippo band look and sound stylish. It is not only about changing clothes and it not old-fashioned Dress Up games. You need to choose what music hits and songs will be performed in big cities. A good clever manager can make every tour a big success and every stadium endlessly applaud. In that case all our music hits and songs will definitely get a high place at charts. But remember, every concert will make our rate higher and the quantity of our fans bigger. Choose music for every city. And play, of course, stylish rock-n-roll Dress up games. Visit all big cities! Your musical band will definitely have a big success!

Try our amazing new game from series of free educational games for boys and girls. Our beloved Hippy, party music and rock-and-roll Dress Up games are waiting for you! Have a lot of positive emotions together with your child! Follow updates and stay with us. Our free games for boys and girls will make you and your children happy.