Puzzles for little Kids

We are happy to offer you a new kids game – Puzzles for little Kids. Try to guess, who is the main character here? You are right! Our funny character Baby Hippo, so loved by many children! If you like to play with us, this game is for you!
It is designed for boys and girls of an age from 2 to 7 years. Games for our little children are developed taking into account the wishes of the kids psychologists.

The choice of two modes: adventure and type selection:

– Adventure is the main mode. Here you select one category and do all the pictures in this category.After solving all the puzzles, a link appears and you can download your favorite game with Baby Hippo: Kids Supermarket, Baby Shop or Baby Talking Phone and so on and so on.

– In the second mode, you can select the type you like and you will do only the puzzles of selected type.

In any case, kids will have many happy moments by solving our puzzles that are quite simple on the one hand and on the other are the excellent opportunity to develop creativity, logical thinking, hand motor skills for both boys and girls.

A huge variety of tasks in our free game. All the puzzles are based on our game series with Hippo.
(Puzzles for little Kids)is reviewed in Appliv!