Professions. Popular and exciting

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Educational family games – Hippo and exciting professions.

Today is a great day! The teacher offered to play professions.
You can choose from nine different professions: driver, doctor, ice cream seller, astronaut, fireman, pilot and many other different interesting professions. This educational game will be interesting and for all the ages.

Firefighter. Everybody can try themselves in the profession where they need to fight the fire, extinguish the fire, or to become a pilot and on a large aircraft they will transport passengers. Everybody dreams of becoming astronauts to visit the moon, to see our planet from the space. Everybody dreams of becoming a doctor and cure people. Or become a seller of ice cream, because everybody likes sweets, especially ice cream. Players will learn the meaning of these professions, what profession which tasks performs. All this is possible in our educational game with Hippo!

– Educational Family Mini Games
– Funny Hippo heroes and friends
– Cognitive professions
– Colorful graphics

Enjoy new educational game with Hippo.