Maths for kids

Educational mini-games. Hippo Pepa learns mathematics and geometric shapes.
This game contains three mini-games:

Hippo Pepa solves simple mathematical tasks with apples. Mother Hippo and Madame Giraffe provide a task: how many apples should be put into the basket. And Pepa have to divide apples properly. Once the task is done, it will be necessary to count how many apples Mommy Pig and Madame Giraffe have. In this mini-game, child will learn how to count apples.

Collect picture (coloring)
In this mini-game you need to collect (color) image. To do this, use the correct geometric shapes. Different geometric shapes are in four corners . For example, to decorate part of the pattern with circle, you should put the circle on the part of the shape you want to paint. The same with other figures: the triangle need to be put on the triangle, etc.

Divide Picture
If in the previous game, you have to collect, in this game you have to divide the drawing in geometric shapes. To do this put the right part of the figure in the corner. For example, to divide a figure that has circle, triangle and square, you need, for example, to grab a square from figure and to put it in the corner with squares, and so on.

Educational mini-games for children, Maths for kids, will be useful for the development of children: kids learn to count and geometric figures.

Learn to count with new game Hippo Pepa, Maths for Kids