Kindergarten Art Homework

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Family games are renewed with a new game! Every day Hippo’s nurse invents interesting games, logical tasks and puzzles. This time she has given a very interesting home task. Everybody will collect sticker puzzles in the special album, where images are made from ordinary items from surrounding world. Exciting tasks with many levels, sticker puzzles, scratches and a lot of different educational family games are waiting for you. Our beloved Hippy invites you to play an exciting game for all the ages where the player needs to find items!

Find items is such kind of games for all the family members where player develops attention and eye concentration during looking for items in the room. But not all items are on the surface, some of them are hidden. To find them you needs to solve interesting puzzles and logical tasks, which are made especially for all the ages, this type of game is interesting for all family members. Hippy will go through many different levels and cope with different exciting tasks. We will visit grandpa’s lighthouse and daddy’s workshop. Then we will visit granny’s vegetable patches and seashore. Then we will continue finding items in Mommy Jozie’s room and in other astonishing places of Hippo town. Help Hippy in finding hidden items and collecting sticker puzzles. Only then she could make the best album in kindergarten and get the best prize.

Games from the series to find items are amazing stories, cute characters and interesting tasks with educational elements, which are suitable for boys and girls. Stay tuned, stay with us and spend amazing time by playing our educational games for all family!