Kids Pony Race


Baby Hippo has gone to visit her uncle on holidays. He lives on a little pony farm. Little ponies are bored, they need help. Baby Hippo should take for a walk the saddest ponies. And to make it much more funnier, Baby Hippo saddled one of them and has made farm horse racing. Sit on a fast horse horse and ride! After all, Kids Pony Race is very funny free game!
As you may have guessed, our free games for boys and girls are filled up with this amusing new game. Little ponies are waiting for you. Baby Hippo will ride the funniest little horses. On the way we meet a lot of obstacles – some of them can be jumped over. Baby Hippo should give a command to her little pony, and bring us to the finish line, where wonderful award for boys and for girls is waiting. And do not forget to collect gold coins on the way, which will improve your results and would help you to achieve the better place in the scoreboard.

Together with entertainment components our free games for boys and girls include educational elements. Kids Pony Race increases motor skills, reaction and ingenuity. Kids development is the goal of all our products, the most important of which are free games for kids from 3 to 4 years. Stay tuned and stay with us. We will continue to delight you and your toddlers with wonderful educational games.