Dress Up Carnival Shopping

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There is a big carnival in the central park of the city. This holiday is long-awaited for all citizens. But Hippo is waiting for this holiday the most. Hippo was thinking for a long time, which carnival costumes her family would wear. And the day, when bright carnival platform will pass through the city, is coming quickly. The big carnival will be tomorrow! Who will receive the grand prize for the most wonderful carnival costume? Of course, it would be our favorite Hippo! But to get a victory, Hippo needs to go shopping to the supermarket and choose the best dress. Hurry up! Let us sit in the car and start our journey. Starting from dress up supermarket we moving to the big city carnival.

There is an unusual novelty in a series of free family games for boys and girls. Probably everybody knows dress up games. But normally, these games do not show something exciting. We are offered to dress up a stable character who will be blinking only. And even if we have a lot of cloths in the supermarket, everybody gets bored very quickly dressing mannequin. But Hippo is coming! We will make the gameplay of dressing up really exciting. Hippy will pass long shop shelves with her brother Ji. And Ji prevents us from getting bored. Ji will choose wrong clothes from the shelves or turn off the lights in the store. And we have to show a good reaction and ingenuity to successfully carry out the task, and take correct costume. But as soon as costume is chosen, Hippo will drive to the long-awaited holiday, and she will challenge for the grand prize. We are waiting for the big city carnival!

But apart from the entertainment component of our free family games will include educational elements. Our supermarket shopping develops motor skills of hands, reaction and baby ingenuity. Player’s development is the goal of all our products, the most massive of which are free family games for all the ages. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games will make you happy.