Japanese party: Sushi cooking



Let’s go to the party! Hippo family likes cooking. Hippy has an idea to make a master class and show everybody how to make sushi and rolls. It means, that anybody who likes anime could take part in a Japanese party! A genuine Japanese kitchen as well as culture and traditions of the land of rising sun are waiting for us. There are different variants how to perform handmade cooking and do a master class in the kitchen. But the best variant is to have a party, where all the most interesting recipes could be prepared just in front of surprised guests. ‍

Peculiarities of Hippo party game:

✅ pleasant characters and good music
✅ unique Japanese kitchen and secret recipes.
✅ a lot of levels and interesting story
✅ exciting gameplay and educational elements
✅ handmade cooking
✅ Culture and traditions of Japan
✅ ability to have party due to your taste

Let’s go to the Japanese shop, game starts right now! Do the shopping and take your kimono on! A huge party and exciting master class are waiting for its anime lovers! Start cooking right now and show everybody how to make sushi and rolls correctly!