Hippo’s Tales: The Wizard of OZ

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Everybody has ever heard fairy tales about the Wizard of Oz. Funny adventures of Dorothy and her fairy friends are well known around the world. Grandfathers and grandmother once read exciting stories about the Oz country to our parents. But today Hippo has decided to add some modern elements to this exciting fairy tales and funny adventures! The Wizard of Oz has got its second life now in the new interactive app for all the family! Our educational games for kids and for all the family have exciting stories and funny adventures, which are much more better than ordinary cartoons. Today you are the main character of this exciting fairy tale!

This evening, all the kids of Hippo town, instead of watching cartoons at home, gathered at the fairy tale clearing to listen to a new exciting story. They were not mistaken with their choice! Inventive Hippy has created unbelievable fairy tales which takes place in Oz country, with such characters as wizard, tricky dragon, flying pirates, sky door, and even NASA robot. But what wizard could make it to one story? It is very easy! The matter is that, the fairy tale takes place in the Bermuda Triangle, where all, even the most unbelievable miracles, are possible! This evening hurricane will get Dorothy to the Bermuda Triangle on the mysterious Oz island. There the Wicked East Dragon and flying pirates are waiting for her, Dorothy needs to get victory over them to get home. New friends could help Dorothy, such as NASA Robot, Dragon Elephant, engineer-inventor and other unbelievable characters! This interactive story has interesting puzzles and funny adventures, which we will take part in, while performing tasks. It is time to play, listen to interesting stories and have fun!

Take part in funny adventures together with your kids, and have a lot of positive emotions, while playing our games with them! Teach kids how to solve puzzles and perform the tasks correctly. Spend time with your kids very usefully! Our beloved Hippy and the wizard of the Bermuda Triangle invite you to the unbelievably mysterious world of miracles and adventures. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educational games for kids and for all the family will make you and your kids happy.