Hippo and Clara: Animated Puzzles

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It is a good choice! We have found an exciting task for all the members of the family, for adults and kids! Today we suggest you to play useful educational games with an exciting and kind story. Clara and Hippo have prepared new exciting adventures for all the family members. Funny entertainment, puzzles, animated puzzles, puzzles with animals and various levels of a new game are waiting for you. Let’s start our adventure right now, Clara and Hippo need your help urgently.

This time we are going to take part in road adventures. This story tells about a long trip of Clara and Hippo to their house in the cozy town. This story will be long and interesting, we will go through all the levels and collect different puzzles dedicated to different topics. These are going to be puzzles with animals, and puzzles with all the possible buildings and even with technical tools. All our puzzles will be interesting and various, entertainment will be funny and adventures will be unbelievable! Our educational games and fairytales are even more interesting, various and exciting. Let the adventure start! You will definitely like our road adventures. This interactive story is suitable for all members of the family!

Our exciting fairytales and interactive stories with educational elements are suitable for all the ages. Clara and Hippo are always happy to see you. Stay tuned, stay with us and have fun playing with your relatives our free educational family games.