Pooches: Skateboard

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New drive and funny game for fans of sports and skate! Pooches: Skateboard!

Take skate and go! During your way collect all bonuses, stars and cups, jump over obstacles on its way, and perform a variety of tricks on a skateboard. Earn points and unlock new levels. There are available 2 zones, each with 30 levels with a wide variety of landscapes.
The game has checkpoints from which you can continue the game if you loose. It is a colorful runner for kids with Pooches (Barboskiny) in here.

To control the game use just two buttons: acceleration and jump. The settings can be interchanged for you to play comfortable.
For a more realistic perception, if you have connection to the Internet the real weather conditions reflects and time of day of player.

– Colorful graphics,
– Pleasant sound design,
– A variety of tricks,
– A lot of of locations,
– Realistic physics,
– Easy operation,
– A beautiful arcade game for kids,
– The button layout can be changed in the settings of the game,
– Favorite and cheerful hero of cartoon Pooches (Barboskiny).

A variety of tracks, tricks and bonuses to expect from the new skater game with Pooches in here.
(Pooches: Skateboard)is reviewed in Appliv!