Pooches: Air Traffic

Attention Pooches (Barboskiny)! Total concentration! All aircraft and helicopters in the sky are waiting for your orders!

But do not worry – this is not a war, and the sky, which is full of aircraft, is absolutely peaceful. You are the chief air traffic controller of a large sky harbor.

Game Pooches (Barboskiny): Air Traffic will certainly take top place in your collection, and join the group of the best games for children. But this does not mean that the game is not interesting for adults! Our free games are suitable for all ages.

Grab any air boat and give them right direction. Planes and helicopters have distinctive and different sizes and air traffic over the airport is very tight. Everyone wants to land as quickly as possible, but it is only up to you, who will cut circles in the sky, waiting for their turn, and who will go immediately for landing.

But the game is even more fun when Pooches (Barboskiny) are here! It is not a secret that together with your favorite characters of animated series Pooches (Barboskiny) games for kids are much more interesting. Who are the best little family air traffic controller? Who will regulate air traffic right? This is for you to decide, driving among aircrafts, at the same time enjoying all the advantages that our free games give.
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