Escape room: Lighthouse quest

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A new game 1000 doors at the Hippo Lighthouse is an exciting room escape, where there are riddles, puzzles, interesting logical games and search of hidden objects. Can you escape from any difficult situation? Go through 1000 doors. A huge logical game has its own secrets and riddles. To find out a big secret, you need to solve small secrets, it looks like a puzzle! The most exciting adventures are waiting for us. Open 1000 doors to save grandpa. ???


✅ exciting adventures, riddles and secrets of room escape,
✅ pleasant music and funny characters
✅ interesting and funny gameplay,
✅ game is a plot connected story
✅ puzzles, search of objects, logical games and reaction games
✅ a lot of levels of exciting game
✅ interesting plot and exciting adventures

Can you escape room 1000 doors? It is open especially for you! Play exciting logical games and puzzles, look for hidden objects and solve riddles! You need to escape room urgently and save grandpa! ⌛