About company
Hi, we are PSV studio(Clear invest Ltd) team and we like to create entertaining educational kids games and apps. We think that future of education is in learning through play and consider it to be a great addition to the old learning methods.

Our colorful graphics, carefully designed animations, motivating praises, multilanguage options and voiceover will keep your children interested for hours. By installing our apps you will help your kids:

– Explore casual items, objects and things that surround us in current life
– Get familiar with languages, both written and verbal
– Learn through the puzzles, sorting, matching, memorizing…
– Have fun while learning at any age

Dear fans of the games, produced by our company.

We are glad to inform you about the enrty of PSV studio into the market of Cyprus.

Contact Clear Invest Ltd

Cyprus Paphos 27 Dmitry Konstantinou b 10
Postal code 8048

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